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Are you ready to make jefa moves?

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Being a first-generation college graduate, professional, Jefa, and doctoral student has forced me to step out of my comfort zone, learn the power of using my voice, and elevate my confidence. However, navigating the corporate work culture and overcoming systemic barriers with a lack of mentorship was hard. Still, I shifted my focus to inner healing, living a fulfilled life, and becoming more accountable to myself. By age 32, I reached a 3-FIGURE Salary and built a coaching business for other first-generation Latinas. I mentored over 30 first-generation Latinas to recognize their worth, build their confidence, and lean into their passions, values, and strengths while achieving their Jefa goals.

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Burnout comes from overworking for others without prioritizing yourself.


This is for you if: 

  • You’re still searching for your passion 

  • You don’t think you are ready for the jump

  • You struggle to use your voice and speak up

  • Don’t know where to start

  • Need motivation and accountability

  • Want inside knowledge on how to sell yourself


What will be covered:

  • Jefa Framework

  • Understand your Why

  • Align your Passion with Career Goals

  • Create ways to highlight your skills

  • Resume & Cover Letter Tips

  • Interview Prep

  • Negotiation Tips

  • Practice your Elevator Pitch!


What do participants receive?

  • A supportive and empowering environment

  • Two (2.5 hours) Live Bootcamp Program

  • Unlimited Access to:

    • Bootcamp Recordings

    • Career Development Workbook (PDF)

    • Community Forum with other Jefas!

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Notebook and Keyboard


Cindy is a great listener and really understands her client base. As a result, I went into my interview with a greater level of confidence and understanding of how to engage the interviewer and stand out.

Notebook and Keyboard


I met with Cindy for interview prep! She helped me a lot with giving me tips on how to answer questions. She also provided me with strategies on how to better prep for the interview process. I loved her energy and her coaching approach! I would definitely recommend her services!

Notebook and Keyboard


I definitely recommend this program to anyone trying to advance in their career! The program is very tailored to personal needs. I think polishing my resume and cover letter to the specific job description is what helped me get an interview in the first place.


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