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Back to School: Jefa Edition

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I love back-to-school season! Whether you are prepping for your back-to-college essentials or sending your little ones off to school, this post is for you.

I always feel that the beginning of Fall allows us to get organized and refocus our energy to close out the year with good intentions. Even, if you are not personally going "Back-to-School" there is this energy of new beginnings in the air!

Top 5 Fall 2023 Back-to-School essentials Header

As a full-time higher education administrator, a mom of a third grader, and in my doctoral program, I have found myself needing back-to-school essentials to make my life easier and manageable.

I wanted to share my Top 5 Fall 2023 Back-to-School essentials.

Top 5 Fall 2023 Back-to-School Essentials

#1 Meeting Notebook with Action Items

I love notebooks, but one thing I hate is having all these different places for my notes. I have found that a meeting notebook allows me to stay organized and have all my action items together for follow-up.

#2 Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker

I love watching videos at my desk and hate having to struggle with my cell phone placement. This anti-slip base has surround sound features and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.

#3 Noise Canceling Headphones

My new obsession is my noise-canceling headphones! I never knew how much I needed it to help me calm down, get rid of background chatter, and help me focus with minimal distractions. When my family sees me with my headphones on, they know I am IN THE ZONE!

#4 Ring Video Doorbell

While you are away from home, do you know what is going on at your house?

I never thought it was important to know, but being a homeowner has changed that.

Our previous owners had the Ring Video system, and we have since bought new cameras to cover different areas of our home. The safety and security that it has brought has been well worth it!

You would never believe how many people come up to our gates & our front door. The best thing about the ring video doorbell is that we can easily talk back to them and record interactions from our cell phones.

#5 La Mera Mera Latina Women's Casual Shoulder Backpack

You know you can't go back to school or back to the office without showing them who is LA MERA MERA!

This is one of my backpacks offered in my with other La Patrona & Call Me Jefecita styles in various colors. I love the pockets and the buckles in front for extra protection of your belongings.

I cannot wait to hear from you about which back-to-school essential will be your favorite this Fall season.

I am re-doing my office in my home and I can't wait to keep you updated. Stay tuned and subscribe for my next blog which will focus on Fall Office Decorations!

What is your Fall Aesthetic?

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  • Spooky

  • Pumpkin Spice

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