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Elevate Your Interview Skills

Get ready to conquer your next interview with Career Confident Mujer! Our free online course program provides you with the tools you need to boost your career confidence with a PowerPoint presentation, webinar, and handouts. Say goodbye to interview jitters and hello to your dream job!

It's time for you to meet with me and see how we can boost your inner confidence, learn how to speak about your strengths and weaknesses & develop your career goals.

Start building your career development with confidence!

Join the Build Your Interview Skills Online Course

This online self-paced course includes:

  • Webinar Video

  • Workbook in PDF for Career Development

  • Strategies for Hiring Committees

  • How to Align Your Purpose with the Company

Register for Mock Interview Prep Sessions

As a Latinx professional, interviews can be hard to navigate as it can be uncomfortable to "brag". Or you might just get stuck and don't have great responses.

We will have two 45-minute sessions dedicated to interviewing prep and practicing mock questions and I will provide you with written responses.

I will meet with you and prep you with some confidence coaching and building an understanding of who you are, your strengths, and ideal responses based on the desired role/opportunity. Our sessions are customized to fit your needs.

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