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Confidence is...Avoiding Burnout as a First-Generation Professional

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Welcome to my new series “Confidence is..” where we will talk about the realities of being confident and dealing with different career and personal impacts of being a first-generation professional.

Today we are talking about “Burnout”, yes the dreaded feeling of burnout.

Watch my IG LIVE @careerconfidentmujer below for a video on this topic!

What does burnout feel like?

  • Tired all the time

  • Overwhelmed when something is added to your plate or you are invited somewhere

  • Looking forward to the weekend (exaggeratedly)

  • Lack of Energy

  • Low Fulfillment

Why is it important to address burnout?

As first-generation professionals, we are navigating new spaces and some of us struggle with a limiting mindset. For example, we think we need to prove ourselves, show that we can do it alone, and are afraid that if we don’t do it all we are less than others.

When did I experience burnout as a First-Generation Professional?

When I was 24, I took on too much and overextended myself.

I had two part-time jobs, working on my Master's degree, dealing with a failing marriage, and struggling to balance mom mode. I hated asking for help and I thought I had to do it myself. It was all such a blur. That’s what happens when we over-exert, and we can’t enjoy the present moment.

In the end, I felt defeated. I was worn out and didn't know how to stop the cycle of taking on more than I could handle. That is why it is important to be intentional with practices that avoid burnout. In

How did I start to move towards not experiencing burnout as a First-Generation Professional?

I had to STOP. Yes, STOP.

Stop and re-assess.

What were my priorities to help ME long-term?

What was I pouring my energy into?

Did that energy get reciprocated?

I started creating priorities for myself; building a stronger relationship with my son, networking, and completing my doctoral program.

These were my focus points and priorities when setting up my weekly and monthly calendars. They set the framework of importance and everything else was optional.

How can you focus on building your confidence?

Remember that Confidence Is...

Confidence is trusting that you are enough, and you don’t have to prove yourself.

Confidence is understanding you don’t need to do it alone.

Find your support systems.

I had to get support systems in place that would help me out. I invested in home cleaning services, daycares, and streamlined services to have more time for me.

When is the last time you invested in yourself?

As a Career Confidence Coach, I help first-generation professionals level up in their careers by assessing mindset and refocusing on strengths, and growth mindset. Reach out to me if you are interested in private coaching and take the time to invest in your confidence.

Live your worth,

Cindy Alvarez Career Confident Mujer

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